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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Is Vaping Tide Pod is Safe?

Vaping Tide Pod

Vaping Tide Pod

Internet and the social media have made the world seem a lot smaller than it actually is, and it brings people together in many ways; some are pretty useful, and some are not at all useful. There are some people that would just about do anything to get someone’s attention, and if there are potentially millions of people to get attention from, it gets even better. Pranks, bets, challenges, stunts, and many, many more incredible or incredibly stupid human endeavors are caught on tape every minute of every hour—and they are uploaded for everyone to see. Weirdly enough, you can learn from almost all of them, even from the most absurd and idiotic.

Depending on the video type, it can be funny, dramatic, coaching, overwhelming, educating, or even just a complete waste of time. When it comes to online challenges, which is a trend that picked up speed during the last couple of years, there is no limit to human ingenuity or stupidity. Some of the most pointless and moronic things people could do in front of a camera are the result of some challenge that somebody “invented”. All we can do is sit back and hope that the next one will be funny—apart from being utterly stupid.

Well, we would like to remind you of the “Tide Pod Challenge”, folks. This one does not make any sense, not to mention that it is not even a little bit funny. When you mention the most idiotic trends out there, this surely qualifies among the top three.

A joke circulating the web suggested that people are actually consuming the detergent capsules because they look like some sort of delicious snack with a fruity filling. Any rational person would ask themselves immediately if this is real or if somebody is actually kidding them; however, as it turns out, not everyone thinks rationally.

The joke seem to have turned into something quite real, and things have gone a little too far; apparently, some people really consume the laundry gel, risking their health and almost certainly booking a trip to their local emergency hospital department.

If you think swallowing a detergent pod is stupid, one Instagram account takes “stupid” to a whole new and even more ridiculous level. One of the recent videos uploaded to the page show a person squeezing the detergent from the capsule with the intention of vaporizing it and inhaling the smoke. You can probably imagine what followed after that.

The Instagram account goes by the name Vape Tricks, and the main type of content consists of videos of slow-motion footage of people blowing out different shapes of smoke rings.

Needless to say, the guy who vaporized the liquid from the pod does not seem to enjoy it at all. Don’t you have to wonder what that tasted like and if his lungs are actually cleaner than before?
However, the guy was seemingly not harmed in any way, and it was not that much of a bad experience for him. The video continued, showing him blow out a big fireball-like vape.

Dangers of Vaping Tide Pods

But do not be fooled by this video. We probably do not have to remind you, but you must not take on such a challenge, because swallowing the capsule involves a heck of a lot of risk. If you swallow one and you are lucky enough, you must just end up in the ER, but such a stupid act could also get you breathing problems and even internal burns. People have died from consuming the pods.

Dr. Joe Krug said that the eyes and the skin could be easily burned after swallowing, and a great number of other health issues may occur, such as respiratory tract burns and damage to the esophagus.

The manufacturer of Tide—Procter & Gamble—already made a statement about the trend and simply reminded everyone to use common sense and not eat laundry detergent capsules. Obviously, they are meant for laundry, not as an afternoon snack.
The company added that the liquid in the pods is safely sealed inside so that it does not spill in any way. In other words, it is meant to stay inside the pod, not drained out and smoked. The pods should be kept in a place where children can’t reach them because the pods could seriously damage their health. Tide pods are certainly not a toy to play with which to be played.

It is truly unbelievable that there exists a necessity for someone to remind certain people that they should not eat laundry detergent capsules. Sounds like a bad joke, but it is the sad truth. So be wise and do something less stupid—please don’t fall for the Tide pod challenge.

Vaping Tide Pod

Conclusion: Vaping Tide Pod not safe at all. You may not suffer now, in future may suffer from various respiratory diseases. Tide Pods contain many toxic chemicals which are for laundry purpose. Not for Vaping!

Here is a YouTube video on Vaping Tide Pods

20 Reasons why vaping is better than smoking

why vaping is better than smoking

Smoking literally feels much more unhealthy than vaping. E-liquids have varying levels of nicotine and propylene glycol, and some higher levels can give a burning “throat hit” much the same as cigarettes, and people who are new to vaping appreciate the similarity, but that's where it ends.

Reason 1: vaping is better than smoking

The first time I was sick with a sore throat after I began vaping, I couldn't believe how different vaping was on my throat! It wasn't miserably painful, and I could've vaped the entire time I was sick if I wanted to. I've NEVER had that with smoking. The smoke alone is very irritating.

Reason 2: vaping is better than smoking

Smoking and Vaping are two absolutely different things.

Reason 3: vaping is better than smoking

One requires the physical combustion of an object and the inhalation of its remnants. The other requires the heating of a flavoured liquid to produce a vapour.

Reason 4: vaping is better than smoking

Smoking, (as anyone who has tried to quit knows) tastes like absolute rubbish. Incredibly addictive, it has the potential to deliver a stupid amount of carcinogens directly in to your system. It’s dry, and burns the back or your throat if you don't have sips of liquid in between puffs. Breathing whilst smoking becomes difficult as all you can smell/taste is “potent bush fire”.

Reason 5: vaping is better than smoking

Vaping feels more or less exactly how you would imagine it to. It has more of a “moist” feeling behind it. Depending on what flavouring and device you use, you can be in for either a positive or negative experience. However, it is difficult to describe exactly what Vaping would feel like to you specifically as the amount of variables concerned (device, liquid, coils, wick etc.).

Reason 6: vaping is better than smoking

Smoking and vaping are two completely different things. Just because both smoking and vaping produce smoke doesn’t mean they are the same or have the same effects. Honestly, smoking affects the health miserably and cigarettes does not taste or smell good either. It is the nicotine that causes the addiction and makes it extremely difficult for people to quit smoking. Nicotine travels quickly to the brain when it is inhaled and can cause a feeling of temporary relaxation and/or stress relief. Nicotine can also elevate your mood and your heart rate. On the other hand unlike cigarettes, vaping does not produce tar or carbon monoxide. There are varieties of E-liquids, depending on the quantity of nicotine in it and of-course there are different flavours. The varying levels of nicotine in the e-liquids gives a ‘throat-hit’ which is highly appreciated by those who recently quit smoking or new to vaping. The biggest advantage of vaping is that as the nicotine quantity is proportionately measured in the E-liquids it doesn’t harm the throat or the lungs. For those who wishes to consume no nicotine, there are nicotine free E-liquids available as well which can never be the case with cigarettes. The flavours of the liquids leave a soothing and refreshing feel and the choices are endless. For those who wishes to experience a refreshing, soothing, relaxing, aromatic inhalation experience without poisoning the body in the most unhealthy and addictive way, vaping is the best choice to embrace.

Reason 7: vaping is better than smoking

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Reason 8: vaping is better than smoking

We import top quality vaping products (Mods, starter kits, E-liquids, accessories) from the US and serve the Indian market with the true global experience of vaping. All our products are globally appreciated and we top the list with our customer satisfaction.

Reason 9: vaping is better than smoking

We offer free shipping within India. So, if you are looking for some really cool vaping experience, check us out!

Reason 10: vaping is better than smoking

Smoking is an unhealthy habit and injurious to health as compared to vaping. More than 4000 chemicals, along with tobacco in cigarettes make it unhealthy. Smoking hurts the throat but vaping soothes that pain, even it may not cause you any pain. Moreover, vapor liquids are made of propylene glycol, glycerin and natural flavorings. A large number of studies done on vaping also suggests that vaping is 95% healthier than that of smoking.

Reason 11: vaping is better than smoking

You will never feel good while smoking on other hands, you have thousands of choice for vaping so many different flavours. Even you can create your own flavour of choice.

Reason 12: vaping is better than smoking

They both produce the vapour doesn't means they are same. Smoking and vaping are two completely different things. It's not only vaping, It's a way of life for those who want to quit smoking or have already switched to vaping.

Reason 13: vaping is better than smoking

Smoking will make your much stronger throat hit, Custom vaping has very few chance of throat hit (Depends on the flavour you are using). We all know that smoking is an unhealthy habit and injurious to health, But Vaping is an healthy and best alternative to quit smoking.

Reason 1: vaping is better than smoking

Smoking a tobacco cigarette involves burning cancer causing chemicals and deposition of a layer of tar inside the lungs. Due to this, the functioning quality of the lungs deteriorates and the smokers suffer from chronic diseases. On the other hand, vaping is 95% safer than that of smoking. Vapor juices are made of natural ingredients and due to this, no tar gets deposited inside the lungs. It is even an ideal option for the smokers who want to quit. It provides similar kind of pleasure and satisfaction like smoking.

Reason 14: vaping is better than smoking

Smoking will make stronger throat hit feeling, and scorched taste.

The main process of vaping removes the need to combust anything, removing a handful of the harmless chemicals listed above. Studies on the vapor produced from vaping suggest there is a significant difference between the number of carcinogens found compared to cigarette smoke. With over 20+ chemicals found in cigarette smoke compared to only a few in the vapor

Reason 15: vaping is better than smoking

When comparing vaping and smoking, there are many different aspects to take into consideration. In the bigger picture, the only thing throwing a little bit of shade on vaping is the long-term effects, something that only time can unveil.

Reason 16: vaping is better than smoking

Well only you can tell how it feels to you but according to me you will love vaping than smoking . You see smoking hurts throat but vaping will soothe that pain , even it may not cause you any pain . Also vaping is much more good than smoking . If you are a cigarette smoker then you should definitely go for Urvapin Deals or vaping .

Reason 17: vaping is better than smoking

Reason 18: vaping is better than smoking

Reason 19: vaping is better than smoking

Reason 20: vaping is better than smoking


If I cook Marijuana with vape juice in a spoon, will the vape juice get me high?

Is nicotine contained in vape juice?

Many liquids do contain nicotine - they are made for smokers and ex-smokers who want to get their nicotine but who no longer wish to smoke.ALL of the serious bad health affects come from the by-products of burning tobacco, not the nicotine itself. The risk of vaping nicotine itself is very low.You can also buy liquids that contain no nicotine. These are intended for vapers who wish to transition to vaping zero nicotine on the way to stopping altogether, or who wish to vape zero nicotine under certain circumstances.Others who buy zero nicotine liquids are those that want to add the nicotine themselves to control exactly how much is in their vape, usually as a means to reduce it gradually. In some countries where nicotine is illegal, all you can buy are zero nicotine liquids - users have to source the nicotine themselves.It’s a personal choice whether an individual uses any nicotine, and what level they prefer. If you don’t know about the liquid you are using, then you need to find out before you purchase it.

Cook Marijuana with vape juice in a spoon

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