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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Is Vaping Tide Pod is Safe?

Vaping Tide Pod

Vaping Tide Pod

Internet and the social media have made the world seem a lot smaller than it actually is, and it brings people together in many ways; some are pretty useful, and some are not at all useful. There are some people that would just about do anything to get someone’s attention, and if there are potentially millions of people to get attention from, it gets even better. Pranks, bets, challenges, stunts, and many, many more incredible or incredibly stupid human endeavors are caught on tape every minute of every hour—and they are uploaded for everyone to see. Weirdly enough, you can learn from almost all of them, even from the most absurd and idiotic.

Depending on the video type, it can be funny, dramatic, coaching, overwhelming, educating, or even just a complete waste of time. When it comes to online challenges, which is a trend that picked up speed during the last couple of years, there is no limit to human ingenuity or stupidity. Some of the most pointless and moronic things people could do in front of a camera are the result of some challenge that somebody “invented”. All we can do is sit back and hope that the next one will be funny—apart from being utterly stupid.

Well, we would like to remind you of the “Tide Pod Challenge”, folks. This one does not make any sense, not to mention that it is not even a little bit funny. When you mention the most idiotic trends out there, this surely qualifies among the top three.

A joke circulating the web suggested that people are actually consuming the detergent capsules because they look like some sort of delicious snack with a fruity filling. Any rational person would ask themselves immediately if this is real or if somebody is actually kidding them; however, as it turns out, not everyone thinks rationally.

The joke seem to have turned into something quite real, and things have gone a little too far; apparently, some people really consume the laundry gel, risking their health and almost certainly booking a trip to their local emergency hospital department.

If you think swallowing a detergent pod is stupid, one Instagram account takes “stupid” to a whole new and even more ridiculous level. One of the recent videos uploaded to the page show a person squeezing the detergent from the capsule with the intention of vaporizing it and inhaling the smoke. You can probably imagine what followed after that.

The Instagram account goes by the name Vape Tricks, and the main type of content consists of videos of slow-motion footage of people blowing out different shapes of smoke rings.

Needless to say, the guy who vaporized the liquid from the pod does not seem to enjoy it at all. Don’t you have to wonder what that tasted like and if his lungs are actually cleaner than before?
However, the guy was seemingly not harmed in any way, and it was not that much of a bad experience for him. The video continued, showing him blow out a big fireball-like vape.

Dangers of Vaping Tide Pods

But do not be fooled by this video. We probably do not have to remind you, but you must not take on such a challenge, because swallowing the capsule involves a heck of a lot of risk. If you swallow one and you are lucky enough, you must just end up in the ER, but such a stupid act could also get you breathing problems and even internal burns. People have died from consuming the pods.

Dr. Joe Krug said that the eyes and the skin could be easily burned after swallowing, and a great number of other health issues may occur, such as respiratory tract burns and damage to the esophagus.

The manufacturer of Tide—Procter & Gamble—already made a statement about the trend and simply reminded everyone to use common sense and not eat laundry detergent capsules. Obviously, they are meant for laundry, not as an afternoon snack.
The company added that the liquid in the pods is safely sealed inside so that it does not spill in any way. In other words, it is meant to stay inside the pod, not drained out and smoked. The pods should be kept in a place where children can’t reach them because the pods could seriously damage their health. Tide pods are certainly not a toy to play with which to be played.

It is truly unbelievable that there exists a necessity for someone to remind certain people that they should not eat laundry detergent capsules. Sounds like a bad joke, but it is the sad truth. So be wise and do something less stupid—please don’t fall for the Tide pod challenge.

Vaping Tide Pod

Conclusion: Vaping Tide Pod not safe at all. You may not suffer now, in future may suffer from various respiratory diseases. Tide Pods contain many toxic chemicals which are for laundry purpose. Not for Vaping!

Here is a YouTube video on Vaping Tide Pods