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Sunday, 4 February 2018

If I cook Marijuana with vape juice in a spoon, will the vape juice get me high?

Is nicotine contained in vape juice?

Many liquids do contain nicotine - they are made for smokers and ex-smokers who want to get their nicotine but who no longer wish to smoke.ALL of the serious bad health affects come from the by-products of burning tobacco, not the nicotine itself. The risk of vaping nicotine itself is very low.You can also buy liquids that contain no nicotine. These are intended for vapers who wish to transition to vaping zero nicotine on the way to stopping altogether, or who wish to vape zero nicotine under certain circumstances.Others who buy zero nicotine liquids are those that want to add the nicotine themselves to control exactly how much is in their vape, usually as a means to reduce it gradually. In some countries where nicotine is illegal, all you can buy are zero nicotine liquids - users have to source the nicotine themselves.It’s a personal choice whether an individual uses any nicotine, and what level they prefer. If you don’t know about the liquid you are using, then you need to find out before you purchase it.

Cook Marijuana with vape juice in a spoon

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